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Stepping Forward

stepping forward

If you want to make a Christian commitment, why should you consider the Orthodox Church? 

Here's why ...  Why Orthodoxy?

If I want to become Orthodox what should I do?

The most important thing is to make contact with an Orthodox Church with you.  Go and see!  If you need help with finding one and you live in the UK I can help with that.  My email, of course, is at the foot of this page.

The Often Used Sites Here

Here are the main sites I have used here.  You may want to do your own exploring.  Come back to me by email if you need to know more or have any questions.

Greek Archdiocese of North America

Orthodox Church in America

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

Orthodox Christian Information Centre

Al Green's Site Index (Orthodox Church and Bible Study Links) - works best in Internet Explorer

The Monachos Orthodox Board and Resource

St. Aidan's Orthodox Church, Manchester UK (my church!)

Antiochian Orthodox Deanery of the United Kingdom and Ireland

Finally ... (really!)

If you can help me by suggesting improvements to this site, please do get in touch.