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Christ the Saviour

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These questions are for your own consideration only.  They are designed to be used in conjunction with the indexed sections.

No. Question Unit Session
1. Do I think that the Cosmos came to be and evolved by accidents of its own nature? or, was it designed and created by a purposeful "mind" (God)? Creator Cosmos
2. Does the probable existence of many worlds and many life forms with abilities at least matching our own make it more or less likely that the Creator cares about any one species such as our own? Creator Solar System
3. Can I reconcile belief in a Creator with the science of evolution and with what reasoning? Creator Earth
4. Which seems more credible and why ... humanity, a fluke of nature in an indifferent Universe? or, humanity, a purposeful creation of God in a Cosmos suitably designed for life? Creator Microcosm
5. How do I see myself and my worth as a human being? Creator Divine Image
6.  As Jesus said to his disciples:- "but who do you say that I am?" [Mark 8:29] How do I answer this question?  Creator Cosmic Christ 
7.  In what practical ways can I learn to live patiently by the promises of God to his People of whom I am part?  Saviour People of God
8.  Do I feel comfortable relating to the Virgin Mary? What stands in the way of this relationship?  Saviour Mother of God 
9.  What difference does the Incarnation make to the Christian understanding of the Love of God? Saviour Flesh of God 
10.  How can I love and serve God better? ... (even if this is this is the first step for you).  Saviour  Word of God
11.  What things in my life need to be surrendered to God? Am I going to do anything about these?  Saviour Redemption of God
12. Who do I find it most difficult to love? Can anything be done? Saviour Ascension of Humanity
13.  What gifts has the Spirit given me? How might God be calling me to use them?  Life Giver Pentecost
14.  Who is my favourite saint and why? What cost might there be in becoming a saint in this time?  Life Giver  Saints
15.  What is the most significant thing anyone has said to me and also done for me that has changed my life in any kind of way?  Life Giver  Mission 
16. What is it about the gospel that gives potential to the search for human unity? Life Giver Unity
17.  What happens to Christianity without belief in the Holy Trinity? Orthodoxy  Trinity
18.  What is the best way to read and understand the Scriptures?  Orthodoxy Scripture and Tradition
19.  What lessons from history do Christians particularly need to learn for today?  Orthodoxy Church History
20.  What part does the Church play in salvation?  Orthodoxy  Orthodox Churches 
21.  What contribution can monks and nuns make to 21st Century Christian culture?  Orthodoxy  Monasticism
22.  How are my gifts being used for the common good? Is there anything I can develop to fulfil them?  Orthodoxy  Ministry
23.  How do I see myself before God? How do I see God before myself? Christian Life Repentance
24.  Am I keeping anything back from God? Why?  Christian Life Consecration 
25.  What are the main obstacles in my life that prevent me from getting closer to God?  Christian Life Asceticism 
26.  How would I speak of the resurrection to someone who asked?  Christian Life Witness
27. How do we tell the difference between what God is saying to us and merely what we happen to be thinking about at the time? Christian Life Prophecy
28.  What do I value most in my life?  Worship  Sacraments and Services
29.  Can places, objects and spaces be holy?  Worship  Temple
30.  How do I feel about using my body and senses in worship? Worship  Icons
31.  How much light and shade is there in my life? Do I anticipate good times too much? Do I shrink from times which are tiresome or do I strangely resist joy?   Worship Feasts and Fasts
32.  What has been my experience (if any) of prayer?  Worship Prayer

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